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Physical Properties:exists as yellow-brown or red-brown formless powder having slightly special smell.It can dissolve in water and alcohol,not in diethylethe or choroform.It is stable complex with no irritation which can sterilize bacterial,virus,fungus effectively.It is the first-selected iodine-containing microbicide.
Loss on drying %Residue on ignition %Heavy metal PPMArsenic PPMNitrogen %Iodine ion %Available iodine %PH(10% in water)≤8.0≤0.1≤20≤1.5≤9.5-11.5≤6.69.0-12.01.5-5.0

.Bactericide,virucide,fungicide or local anticeptic in surgical serubs or for other rapcutical purposes and protect patient from infection.
.microbicide for kitchen utensils in family.
.microbicide for food and feed industry.
.microbicide and disease-protector for animal.
.PVP-I was accepted into USP26 & USP28 editor and selected firstly as iodine-containing bactericide and disease-protector in the developed countries .

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